The Urgent Gospel

Peter Jensen in his third talk at the God’s Glorious Gospel Conference 2014

The Only Gospel

Peter Jensen challenges us to stand firm despite culture and hold on to The Only Gospel.

What is the Gospel?

Rev. James de Costobadie cuts right back to basics and reminds us of the heart of the Gospel.

New Books Worth Reading

Books reviewed: Evangelical Theology (Micahel F. Bird); Simply God (Peter Sanlon); Fruitfulness on the Frontline (Mark Greene); Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well (Glen Miller)

Keeping Evangelism on the Agenda

Malcolm Falloon interviews Phil Clark (National Director of Church Army), Tim Wilson (Evangelism Enabler, Sydenham, Christchurch), and Cam Gracey (National Coordinator for Christianity Explored) about evangelism and keeping the Gospel central.