Worth Reading

This edition of ‘Worth Reading’ focuses on background resources for the present Anglican sexuality debates. In particular it suggests alternatives to the regrettably unrepresentative and one-sided bibliography at the end of the ‘A Way Forward’ document currently circulating

The Spirit of Waitangi

Rev. Malcolm Falloon on ‘The Spirit of Waitangi’ – looking at Hobson’s Greeting, Patuone’s Gift, and Treaty Blankets

Bible Exposition: Jude 1-7

Rev. Mike Keith writes a bible exposition on Jude 1-7 under the headings ‘A Foundational Truth; Contending for the Faith; A Threat from Imposters; and Eternal Consequences’.

‘A Way Forward’ Review

Rev. Dave Clancey writes on the ‘A Way Forward’ paper under the titles of ‘Background; An Overview; Reflection; and Other Considerations’.

New Books Worth Reading

Books reviewed: The Gospel in the Marketplace of ideas (Paul Copan and Kenneth D Litwak); Christianity on Trial (Mark Lanier), Preaching Matters (Jonathan Lamb); Psalms (Tremper Longman); What your body knows about God (Rob Moll); Stress (Simon Vibert); Heart Attitudes (Graham Beynon); The experience of God (David Bentley Hart).