Latimer Lunches are usually held in Christchurch and are a great chance to meet up with one another for fellowship and encouragement. Each lunch is unique with different speakers and different topics.

Lunches are open for anyone to attend – why don’t you come along?

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CANCELLED: Latimer Fellowship Lunch for 2020, Friday 3 April

In this time of uncertainty, the Executive felt it was appropriate to make an early decision to postpone the Latimer Lunch scheduled for Friday 3 April.


We would also take this opportunity to encourage members of the Fellowship to live wisely as good citizens (Titus 3:1), and to reach out to others in love as you can. While isolation is great for maintaining good collective physical health, isolation is not great for maintaining good individual spiritual health. A phone call, an email, etc. are small ways in which those who are physically alone can know that they are not on their own.


In Christ,


Dave Clancey