Since 1966 the Fellowship has, in one form or another, produced a regular publication for its members. Evangelicals have always been people of the written word, so that the great news of Jesus crucified and risen, and all the missional, doctrinal, pastoral and ethical implications of that gospel might be widely known.

Some of these articles have a particular historical context and will be of great use in observing the development and growth of evangelicalism in New Zealand. Interviews and book reviews will educate and inform, while sermons and reflections on Scripture will encourage and deepen faith in Jesus Christ. We pray that you are richly blessed by these articles.

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Books Worth Reading
Book Review
Bob Robinson


Book's reviewed: The Amazing Cross (Jeremy and Elizabeth McQuoid); Christ Our Reconcilier (J. E. M. Cameron); The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation (Dick Tripp); Atheism's New Clothes (David Glass); The Golden Cord (Charles Taliaferro); Connected (Sam Allberry); Emotions (Graham Beynon); Interpreting the Parables (Craig L. Blomberg)
The World the Missionaries Made
Dick Tripp


Rev. Dick Tripp shares a very brief overview of Robert Woodberry's study on the impact of nineteenth century protestant missionaries on the growth of liberal democracy.
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